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Because of the mistake on course printing, results of the D45A and H50AL classes are disqualified on Monday 11th of July. The number of the control and the control code had changed place between two controls.

Fin5 Orienteering week 2016


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Preparing for the rainy weather

If the weather will continue as rainy as during this week, we have alternative plan for the parking. Fields of the competition centre have a hard surface of clay and there has been planted grass several years, but the Jukola Relay 2016 reminded us to make the pre-prepared alternative plan.
If the field parking is too wet and risky, the parking will be beside the closed road and on a school area in Pyhältö (3.5 km from the competition centre). Walking distance is maximum 1.1 km on a gravel road on both options. The nonstop bus will drive from the parking of the school yard of Pyhältö. After the bus stop, walking distance to the competition centre is one kilometre. Compared to the field parking beside the competition centre, alternative plan of parking might take 15-20 minutes of extra time.
From parking of VIP, Media, Disabled and families with small child in pram, walking distance is 400 m on gravel road to the competition centre.
Parking tickets must be bought from the competition information. Parking ticket will be checked when leaving the parking area. If there is no ticket in the car, ticket can be bought from the parking officials in cash. Exact change is required (no change is given (double payment of day ticket 20,00 €).

The 2016 edition of the Fin5 Orienteering Week will take place in Hamina. Hamina is located in the south east corner of Finland, on the coast of Gulf of Finland. The E18 road from Turku and Helsinki runs through Hamina and further to St Petersburg in Russia. The distance to the Russian border is 40 kilometres. The travel time from Helsinki to Hamina by car is approx. 1.5 hours and 3 hours from St Petersburg.

Hamina has a long and colourful history. A busy trading place was originally created beside the sea, at a crossroads of boating routes and the great coastal road, in the Middle Ages. This place was referred to in documents as Vehkalahti as early as 1336. The town of Hamina was established at a node of good means of communications and international trade in 1653. Because of history, Hamina was built both under command of Sweden and Russia and that can be seen nowadays on buildings and extraordinary circular town rounded by star shaped old military fortress.




In Elite-categories H21E and D21E we will have money prizes for overall winners as follows

1. 2000€  2. 1000€  3. 500€

Competition program

Fin5 2016
competition program
Competition centre Elite classes Other classes
Sunday 10.7. Turkia Long Middle
Monday 11.7. Turkia Rest day Long
Tuesday 12.7. Hamina Bastion Sprint Rest day
Wednesday 13.7. Onkamaa Long Long
Thursday 14.7.
Rest day Rest day
Friday 15.7. Onkamaa Middle Middle
Saturday 16.7. Onkamaa Long (chase start) Long

Location map

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