Fin5 2016

Events and sights in Hamina

Southeast135°, Kotka-Hamina Region consists of the cities of Hamina and Kotka as well as municipalities of Pyhtää, Miehikkälä and Virolahti offering many interesting sights and places to see and experience.

Information about travel services and sights you can find on our website and about events
During the spring we will give detailed information about our summer weekly programme of the region and about the events during the FIN5 Orienteering week.
We recommend the following sights on our Southeast135° Region: – you can fly in our wind tunnel, surf at two indoor surf pools and climb in a rope park. – Maritime Museum of Finland and regional Kymenlaakso Museum – tales from the sea and Kymenlaakso region. – Aquarium house of Finnish Fish species – Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge is the summer residence of the Russian Czar Alexander III by the rapids of Langinkoski. – Historical fortress in Hamina city centre. Notice! Fri 15 Jul there will be a rock concert of ZZ TOP in Hamina Bastion Arena. – The Salpa Line Museum, Miehikkälä and The Bunker Museum, Virolahti present the history of The Salpa Line which was built to safeguard Finland’s eastern border.

In addition to main sights The Gulf of Finland National Park with the archipelago of the region, The River Kymijoki, Valkmusa National Park, The Salpa Trek and magnificent urban parks of Kotka offer nature and activities at their best.